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Viña Maipo Chardonnay hintaluokkansa paras viini Ruotsissa – Vinordic 2014

Viña Maipo hintaluokkansa paras viini Ruotsissa – Vinordic 2014

840 viiniä maistettiin 12 eri luokassa – joukossa löytyi helmi joka on myös Suomen suosituimpia viinejä

”Vinordic Wine Challenge is Sweden’s only EU-certified wine competition and names Sweden’s best value wines. While most other wine competitions are based on determining the quality of the wine, Vinordic Wine Challenge focuses on the taste in relation to the price. Which wine gives the best value for money?

“This is what steers most consumers. We want to have the best wine we can have for a certain price. In contrast to competitions where a good wine often comes with an expensive price tag, Vinordic Wine Challenge is more in line with the attitude we have to wine in Sweden,” says Bengt-Göran Kronstam.

A winner is named for every price group in each category. These wines then continue to a final, where gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded in each class. This means that a simple “budget wine” can hold its own against an expensive collector’s wine.

“A winning wine is not just a wine that tastes good, but one that also gives good value for money,” concludes Bengt-Göran Kronstam.

This year’s jury consisted of sommeliers Susanne Berglund Krantz, Ulf Engelhardt, Åsa W. Karlsson and Jan Rosborn and wine journalists Sofia Ander, Gunilla Hultgren Karell, Claes Löfgren, Anders Röttorp and Magnus Waern”



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